the home islands
writers writing about the islands of their birth
The home islands

This is the writing by Guernsey people about the island of their birth. The single minded thought is to emphasise what is unique about Guernsey. 

So material can be gleaned from folklore, as collected by Maris De Garis, to cartoons by Guppy, to stewed ormer recipes, to excerpts from Ebenezer Le Page, to contemporary Guernsey poets writing about their home island.
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Anon Four recipes from Guernsey Dishes of 1815 (the year of the battle of Waterloo)

George Metivier (1797-1881), philologist and Guernsey's "national" poet. To the Crapauds!

Maris de Garis describes the invasion of the fairies in the Folklore of Guernsey from 1975.

Freda Wolley describes the Legend of La Biche from 1986.