Renée Monamy
Translated by Kenneth V. Bailey

Seeing Sarnia again

There is a rapture that floods my heart:
Seeing Sarnia again it is always so,
That isle by the wind and the sea set apart,
Its swarm of white sails, its lily aglow.
When wandering at will on stairway and lane
My fingers brush lightly the town’s grey walls,
Old chapels, stone crosses weathered by rain.
I see birds in flight and a bird that falls.
Here Hugo still fronts the wind and tides,
His stick for support, his hat held low;
For me in this garden he ever abides
Though the years rush on, thought he salt winds blow.
The Hanois light beyond Rocquaine Bay
Over reefs and sea-swell circles its beam.
In the night like an echo drifting away...
The voice of a god... a voice in a dream?
The mist thins out; I am lost, alone...
But another path opens, a blazing band
Of light through the void and the darkness thrown...
And on it comes one to take my hand.

Renée Monamy’s  limited edition book Guernesey, mon île... Guernsey, my island... is dedicated ‘to the people of Guernsey’.

It was published in a bilingual edition with translations by Kenneth V Bailey. Seeing Sarnia again is dated 30 August 1983.