The lost islands

The lyrics of Sarnia Cherie are a statement of longing for home. Home thoughts from abroad are important to Guernsey identity. G.B. Edwards was one such exile, who produced the finest book about the Bailiwick ever written.

I would like to discover writing about Guernsey by exiles, wherever they have settled... London, Salem, Tasmania... This is seriously uncollected material – and recovering it could foster new links and associations around the globe with the Bailiwick of Guernsey. I'd like to discover more home thoughts from abroad.

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the lost islands
the writing of exiles
Sarnia Cherie. Gem of the sea.
Home of my childhood, my heart longs for thee.
Thy voice calls me ever, forget thee I’ll never,
Island of beauty. Sarnia Cherie.

Herbert Bird Tourtel Petit Bôt published in 1895

George Deighton Sarnia Cherie written in 1911

G.B. Edwards an excerpt from The Book of Ebenezer Le Page, the finest novel written about the islands published in 1981.

Peter Kenny The Remembering Cliffs 1987.