Richard Fleming
Funeral at Torteval

The heart beats now a mourning drum
behind the coffin held aloft.
Head bowed, you step, back ramrod-straight,
blue light, through stained-glass, falling soft,
from the black car beyond the gate
into the congregation’s hum.

Grief carves a beauty in your face  
or highlights what was there before,
unrecognised:  you seem to shine,
to have become not less but more,
while others’ faces, at this shrine
to gracefulness, lack any grace.

The hedgerow birds, today, seem dumb
as one by one the black cars leave:
you by your crumpled father’s side,
comforting him, holding his sleeve,
so full of elegance, dry-eyed,
with redefined years still to come.

Funeral at Torteval was written in 2008. Originally from Northern Ireland, Richard Fleming has long been an outstanding poet in Guernsey, heavily involved in stimulating writing on the island.