Four recipes from
Guernsey Dishes of 1815 (the year of the battle of Waterloo)

To about 6lb of conger put 6 quarts of water, a good bundle of all sorts of hers and some old green peas, add whole pepper, a little whole ginger and salet—let it simmer till the fish is all broken—then strain it, after which set it on the fire to boil—have ready plenty of fresh herbs chopped and young green peas—when the soup is nearly ready put some thickening of flour and butter and season it to your taste—but as you are going to serve add half a teacup  full of milk or cream.

1lb of butter, 1lb of flour, 1lb. Loaf sugar sifted, 9 eggs well beaten whites, and yolks well beaten separate, 1 glass of brandy, noyau* and rose water, ½lb currants ¼lb. Sweet almonds. The butter is to be worked with the hand, and the other ingredients to be added by spoonfuls—the almonds to be cut and put to soak in the noyau the evening before.
*Noyau is a liqueur

When thoroughly clean, beat them well—then fry them quite brown—then put them into the stewpan adding to them a thick gravy previously made in the frying pan with water, flour, pepper and salt, and butter according to taste—let them stew two or three hours—observe not boil, but simmer. Some persons like slices of fried bacon added to them—others prefer sausages.

Take a pig’s face and wash it—boil for an hour or more—cut it from the bones, ears and all—place it in an iron saucepan with a pint or more of the same liquor according to the size of the face—add two tablespoonfuls of salt, one of pepper and one of ground allspice—stir it up well—let it stepe twenty minutes—put it into moulds and press it a little—Scrape off the fat the next morning and put it in a plate when required.

“The recipes printed in this booklet are from a manuscript recipe book dated 1815 (the year of the Battle of Waterloo), of the ancient Guernsey family of Guille. ... Although this manuscript cookery book is dated 1815 most of the recipes would have been in use in the 18th Century, and some even earlier." GUERNSEY DISHES OF 1815, GUERNSEY HISTORICAL MONOGRAPH No 16 General Editor: J Stevens Cox, F.S.A.